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Standard HL2RP/Serious RP gude

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Standard HL2RP/Serious RP gude Empty Standard HL2RP/Serious RP gude

Post  Guest Sat Nov 24, 2012 10:13 pm

You've decided on playing a serious roleplaying server on Gmod, hurray! I'm here to teach you how to succeed on roleplaying, listen carefully because your about to read a guide on Roleplaying! This is a pretty simple and basic guide that tells you all the basic elements of serious Roleplay.

STEP 1: What is Roleplay?

Roleplay is taking a role of someone else. Like doing a drama or a play, you are someone else and not yourself. Imagine roleplaying on a computer, imagine roleplaying a HL2 citizen. They are human, so it's a head start for us but they live in a different environment to us. I shall explain this on my next paragraph.

A citizen living under the HL2 universe. If you have played HL2 you can see the first few seconds you play that gas masked men are beating them up. And when you continue you see that citizens are living under an oppressive government known as the ''Combine'' or the ''Universal Union''. They are beating daily, they receive rations will contain horrible and disgusting food and they are all being observed by gas masked men called Metrocops or Civil Protection and they are employed by the Universal Union to act like the Police and enforce strict laws onto these citizens.



So, OOC and IC, a couple of abbreviated words but what do they mean?


OOC means Out of Character. It means that you are not roleplaying but instead being yourself, the person behind the screen. You do not need to use good grammar, spelling and you can use internet terms. This mean you are not the person that you are roleplaying. When In-game, you can talk to the entire server in OOC by doing ''//'' (without the '') before the text or talk in your local area in OOC by doing ''[['' (without the '') before the text.

Global Out of Character (OOC) - Do ''//'' before your text to speak in global OOC (Speak to the WHOLE server in OOC).

Local Out of Character (LOOC) - Do ''[['' before your text to speak in local OOC (Speak in your LOCAL area in OOC.)


IC means In Character. It means you are roleplaying. Let's go back to the HL2 universe: You may be roleplaying a Citizen living under the watchful eye of the Universal Union (UU) and receive unbearable treatment by the Civil Protection. You can whisper in IC by typing ''/w'' before the text, you can talk in a local area by typing just nothing before the text and finally you can talk in a wider area by doing ''/y'' to yell . And if you want to describe the action your doing because Gmod is limited to only some actions and people may be confused on what you're doing do ''/me'' before the text, you can describe an action in your local area using this command.

Yelling - You want to talk loudly? Shout? Scream for help? Yelling will do the job. A simple ''/y'' (without the '') in the chatbox will allow you to yell. It increases your speaking radius, making it louder so more people can hear you shouting, can also be used to scream for help or when you're panicking.

Talking - You want to talk to a group of people? Talking normally, not loud not quiet? Talking is the way. You do not need to do anything to allow you to talk, just type into the chatbox and you shall talk normally.

Whispering - Telling someone a secret? Speaking quietly? Whispering to something? Whispering to keep your secret. You simply add a ''/w'' to your chatbox and that can allow you to whisper to someone or talk to yourself.

Action - You want to show someone what you're doing ICly? Signal someone? Doing an action is the best. You need to type an easy ''/me'' into the chatbox and then describe an action like ''/me walks across the street, whistling'' that will allow other player's to understand what you are doing In-game.


#2.2 - IC: Roleplay emotions: To understand
Emotions ingame. You would FEAR someone pointing a gun at your face, you would laugh at a funny joke? Well, describe it ingame! Serious RP requires emotion from every player, and every character has a different personality; meaning different fear levels, humour levels. You can describe your emotion with your physical action with ''/me''

FearRP - Fear RP is your fear level. Fearing someone when at gunpoint. Scared and afraid when you are beaten by the combine, well that's Fear RP. You are scared, afraid, negative emotions are FearRP.

EmotionRP - Emotion RP is your emotion. FearRP is part of EmotionRP but so important that it is separately mentioned. EmotionRP is basically RPing your character's emotion in the game, hence the name.

SkillRP - SkillRP is basically about how good you are at certain things. You may be good a farming and guns but not good with driving a car or helicopter. It depends on your backstory, but don't go ''Ex-military person'' develop a backstory, make a unique one, don't always make your character L337.


Step 3: Roleplaying modes

So, I wonder how we roleplay! Hey look, I've got a gun! I'm a counter-strike player so I get headshot all the time! WRONG! As said, you are roleplaying a weak, hungry citizen with barely any protein so you'll struggle even holding a gun! Here's some roleplaying modes you can all learn!

PassiveRP - Passive Roleplay, my favourite roleplay. Passive roleplay is basically roleplaying passive roleplay activities without any action. You can easily do it with yourself or other people. For example, you can set up your apartment, lay out your clothes, with some idle conversation - all these are passive roleplay. It's important to passive roleplay because it is the main part of HL2RP. Don't go to action, action will come to you. So, you don't need guns to roleplay, you don't need to fight the combine - you can just passive out activities.

P2L - Play 2 Lose. It's basically a real-life situation. Imagine you are a starving, oppressed citizen. Beaten all day. And then you're against a well-fed, well-trained, muscular CP with an SMG. You decide to charge at him with the CP spotting you and has his gun up. Well, common sense! The CP will blow your brains out! You're running slow! You're an easy target! P2L is basically where two sides have to agree on an RP movement. Weather you succeed in taking the CP down or if the CP will blow your brains out.

S2M - Shoot to Miss. This is used to firefights. Basically Shoot to Miss is when you HAVE to miss the target. P2L is in this as if your character is a resistance member you're barely fed so your aiming will be quite off-sight. Shoot to Miss means you have to miss your target, maybe hit him once or twice. Think logically. Combines are well-trained and brainwashed to fight. You are starved and abused. Who'd win?

S2K - Shoot to Kill. This means you can go all Counter-Strike. You will have use shoot the target using your OOC skills. Though S2K is rarely authorised and used and can only be used when an agreement is made and an Administrator allows the act to pass - meaning you can go gun-blazing! But be careful, the other side can do that as well!


Step 4: Physical Description

This bit is gonna be quite short, as it is covering only one thing. Physical Description, the description you have to do for your character. Notice it is divided into two words, 'Physical' and 'Description'. Now, I think everyone knows what description is, it is to describe something, tell someone what a thing looks like. Now, physical is a little more complex and I see many people not understanding the word cause I see everyone is failing at it. You see, physical description is you. It's a thing, it can be mechanic, living or just thing. If it can be seen and touched, it's physical. Remember, make it realistic. If your CP, make yourself menacing. If your Citizen, make yourself depressed and abused. Always think logically!

Good Description: A man dressed in a dirty citizen outfit, he has brown eyes and brown hair and he seems to always have a grim look on his face.

Bad Description: Good at computers, Likes cheese, can beat up combine, ex-military.

Bad Description: A man who has a military-grade kelvar, he is equipped with many guns and can shoot down a
combine in a second.

Credit goes to: Gareth for it's creation.
I only corrected some spelling and a few edits.


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